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up on the downs (2009)

xtra credit (2009)

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Will Harrison

BIOGRAPHYWill was sired by mod, musician/actor father Noel and California beach girl Maggie and had first band with twin sister Chloe at 7 called the elastic band. After a lifetime of writing songs this is basically the first time recording himself and owes huge thanks to the wire for sparking a massive cataloging of two decades of material. Thanks guys!!!

Will Harrison with backing vocals by Anni M. & Betsy Salerno ps (4 tracks could not be downloaded as i made them in iMovie and they would not compress so i include a couple songs that didn't make the album cut for various reasons but fit in ok without the missing #'s)



Completed Albums

up on the downs(2009)

hollow   Download
pep talk (opener)   Download
teflon mind   Download
ghostown (venice)   Download
oh well...   Download
different   Download
new & improved   Download
strong swimmer   Download
no   Download
drunk   Download
wrong with love   Download
El Bastardo   Download
hope alone (didn't make the cut)   Download
take me to your Reedus (didn't make the cut)
still entire (didn't make the cut)   Download
sneak preview   Download

xtra credit(2009)

hippies make me mad
as the moon